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Kitchen Residue Filter Screen Holder


Color: Combo Green + 50 nets

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  • The easy-to-strain residue Kitchen Residue Filter Screen Holder is a great helper to reduce your time cleaning the kitchen! It will help you to strain the residue very quickly. Compact size saves space and organizes your kitchen better.

  • This sink strainer can not only be used to filter leftovers, the residue of washing vegetables, tea scraps, but also can be used to place freshly washed vegetables and fruits after replacing a new sink strainer bag.

  • Easy to replace: Just pull the net out and pull it away into a fixed position.

  • Easy to clean: Just remove the net with the residue and throw it into the trash.

  • Space-saving:It has a small and compact size.When you are not in use can be used as a shelf.


  • Material: PET + Iron

  • Dimensions: 2 x 16.2 x 21 cm

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